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About Me

My name is Abdel and I am living in Amsterdam, I am a software - and web developer. I have a passion for software development and complexity. I have been programming ever since I was young and I am versed in different languages. I have worked on many different projects from creating interactive websites to creating server-side software.

My Skills

Since I was young and I have a passion for computer and technology, I have studied and worked and I have improved my skills in many programming languages over time.

My Works

I have worked with multiple functions before like building interactive websites and web shops and applications and also softwares with multiple programming languages with professional tools.

Vitalis kliniek
I have built a website application that scheduling appointment for patients. The patients can make their appointment with time that fit for them easily with their doctors.
Easy Call Telecom Center
I have created a prepaid call application system online with multiple payment methods, With this system customers can buy call credit in a few easy steps.
Powerpoint remote (App for android)
I have built an app for android that connect with a computer application, It will help you to make good presentation with Microsoft-PowerPoint. go to: http://www.emijn.nl
Makelaardij Sallandse huizen
I have built a software for houses brokerage, The software can view the houses or real estate as video for advertising, the software has view also football results, weather and also newsline.
Mobile Onderdelen Web-Shop
I have built a web shop with awesome design for the mobiles parts, The customers can pay and returns the products easily, And I have added with this web shop multiple payments methods too.
I have created a website like ebay for Blauwvinger, They're targeting Africa markets for offering services via internet, This website creating more chance for small businesses to promot their products and services.
Oslo mobile (Norway)
I have created an awesome interactive advertisement screen for Oslo mobile and that to promote the products and services on big screen for walkers on the street.
SPF Company
I have created an awesome web shop design for CMS, and I have added a multiple payment methods included iDeal, And I helped this company to improve the SEO to bring it top on google.
I had helped them with website designing and give them suggestions about SEO, And also I had made a lot of interactive advertisement on internet and also on a news papers.
Host2Need BV
I have created a hosting registration system that helps to control the payments from the customers, this system send automatically invoices to the customers when the subscription is going to be expiring.
Sahara Net (Internet provider company)
I have created a system allowed a subscribers access to the internet, This system was automatically control the end date of using, And also the system was recording the internet usage in database on server.
Pharma PG
I have created a management software for pharmacies that control the medicine if date is expired, The software is calculates sales and returns and also making monthly or yearly report.

Launching a new projects

Here are some projects will be shining in the near future, I am targeting companies and developers to help them and give them the best solutions.

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Developer platform, codes and programming languages

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I like the technology and the electronics, In my leisure time, I try to build some projects using Arduino.
The sport is lifestyle and absolutely is the best way to keep the body on fit, I love to work hard on my body to keep it healthy.
The bicycle is a Netherland culture, It is naturally to be a favorite hobby especially in the summer time.