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About Me

My name is Abdelfatah and I am living in Amsterdam, I am a software - and web developer. I have a passion for software development and complexity. I have been programming ever since I was young and I am versed in different languages. I have worked on many different projects from creating interactive websites to creating server-side software.

My Skills

Most my work is creating a softwares or websites, And because I am working with websites, I have Sometimes to design the shape of the page using css and javascript.

My Works

My works was between creating a softwares and websites, and also giving an advice to best way of interactive advertising for my partners.

Vitalis kliniek

Build website with making appointment option for patients. They can make there appointment easily with the doctor when and which time they want, got to www.vitaliskliniek.nl/
Easy Call Telecom Center

I have created a prepaid call system online with iDeal payment method, Go to www.myeasycall.nl/
Powerpoint remote (App for android)

I have built an app for android that can connect with a software on the computer that which help you to make good presentation with MS-PowerPoint. Software: for more information go to: http://www.emijn.nl
Makelaardij Sallandse huizen

I have built a software for real estate brokerage advertising, The software can view the houses or real estate as video, and also football results, weather and newsline.
Mobile Onderdelen Webshop

I have built a web shop for mobiles parts pay and return option with many payments methods.

I have created big website like ebay for Bluwvinger they are targeting a business in Africa import and export. (Market2africa.com)
Oslo mobile (Norway)

I have created an interactive advertisement screen for mobiles and PCs.
SPF Company

I have created web shop with CMS, with payment method of iDeal and a lot of advertisement for this company, Go to www.sp9.nl/

I had helped them with website designing and give them advice about SEO ,And also I had made a lot of interactive advertisement on internet and also on a news papers.
Host2Need BV

Created payment and automated management system for webhosting company.
Sahara Net (Software Company)

Created a program for managing schedules and payments for internet cafes.
Pharma PG

Create a management software for Pharmacies that can add items with barcode, make report for sales and returns, And the calculation of damaged items.


I like the technology and the electronics, In my leisure time, I try to make some projects using Arduino.
The sport is lifestyle and absolutely is the best way to keep body fit, I love work hard on my body to keep it healthy.
The bicycle is a Netherland culture, it is natural to be a favorite hobby, especially in the summer.